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88JADE is where property buyers research, select and purchase new and off the plan property in Australia. Buy directly online from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere you are connected to the internet. Visit us at

88玉是购房者研究,选择和购买新的和关闭计划物业在澳大利亚。 直接从您的办公室,家庭或任何您连接到互联网的舒适在线购买。 访问我们的

We are the first and only true online real estate agency that empowers registered clients to complete the purchase of new or off the plan property.


Our professional and modern approach services our client’s needs whilst maintaining and embracing the different cultures and nationalities that seek Australian property.


Take your time to relax, explore and read about what we do, how we do it and enjoy a new era of real estate experience.


Best wishes and prosperity from 88JADE


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