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eCommerce Property Buying (electronic purchase of real estate)


Prospective buyers registered with 88Jade are now empowered to research, select and complete the purchase of new and off the plan property in Australia online using Any purchase can take place at the buyers convinience 24 hours a day!


We innovated the technological change to the one segment of the industry where there is no actual physical property until its sold first! 88JADE maintains best real estate industry practice and legally meets procedural standards and requirements. The future of property has arrived.

我们创新的技术变革的一个段的行业,那里没有实际物理财产,直至其销售的第一! 88JADE保持最好的房地产行业的实践和法律上符合程序性标准和要求。 未来的财产已经到来。

eCommerce Property Selling (property disposals new and off the plan)


Listing your project with whether in the pipeline or during advanced pre sales can assist in improving many projects margins. We immediately reduce marketing and advertising costs for the developer of property in today’s rapidly growing and expensive web environment.

单项目非盟是否在管道,或在预先进的销售额可以有助于改善许多项目的利润率。 我们立即降低营销和广告费,用于开发人员的财产在当今迅速增长和昂贵网络的环境。

How? We don’t charge for your projects online presence. We are the first eCommerce Real Estate Agency in Australia and probably the world; having officially gone ‘live’ on 15th December 2018.

么样? 我们不负责对项目网络的存在。 我们是第一个电子商务的房地产机构在澳大利亚,可能是世界上具有正式走了’实况’月15日2018年。

Our goal online is to always be seeking and be found by the local or foreign buyer who will transact with us using our eCommerce real estate service at


***UPDATE*** – Currently listing new and off the plan projects underway or in the pipeline in METRO MELBOURNE.


For further information, write to us confidentially at [email protected]

进一步信息,写信给我们保密的方式在[email protected]