How to Buy | 如何购买物业

Below is a check list to consider when purchasing new and off the plan property in Australia, it is important that you read and understand this information. It covers both local and foreign buyers.

下面是检查清单时要考虑采购新的和关闭计划的财产在澳大利亚,重要的是,你的阅读和理解这一信息。 它涵盖本地和外国买家。

✓ Are you legally allowed to buy a property in Australia? What does this mean?

✓你是法律上允许购买的财产在澳大利亚? 这是什么意思?

– If you aren’t sure you about your own status please refer to the Australian government website
Foreign Investment Review Board:

外国投资审查委员会: 佛

✓ Do you have the full deposit amount of 10%, of the purchase price in (AUD$) available to you?


– A deposit of 10% is required for each property purchased through 88JADE.


✓ Will you be able to settle for the remaining amount of 90% owing on your purchase unconditionally?


– When a development commences building; it can typically take between twelve to eighteen months to complete. Once completed, the titles are issued and you are required to settle the contract by paying the difference (90%) unconditionally.

–当一个发展开始建设;它通常可以采取之间的十二至十八个月内完成。 一旦完成,标题是发出你所需要解决的合同支付的差异(90%)无条件的。

✓ Considering the property you intend to buy, have you thought about the other possible buy in costs associated with it?


– Other buy in costs will include but aren’t limited to: solicitor’s legal fees, stamp duty and owner’s corporation fees.


– Ask your solicitor or legal representation for further clarification.


✓ Have you engaged the services of an Australian solicitor in the state or territory in which you intend to purchase in?


– You will require a solicitor or conveyancer to handle your affairs during the purchase and settlement of your property. You should seek a professional in ‘Victoria’ if that is where you intend to purchase and likewise for any other state or territory.

–你会需要一名律师或转让人来处理您的事务期间购买和解决你的财产。 你应该寻求一个专家在’维多利亚’如果那是您想购买的,同样对于其他任何国家或领土。

– It is always recommended that you seek legal advice before entering into any property transaction.
Purchasing a property without legal advice is not advisable under any circumstance.



The Buying Process | 购买过程


88JADE | 88玉 is an online real estate agent specialising in e-commerce selling of new and off the plan residential property in Australia.


The steps below outline the process for buying property through 88JADE. It is for both foreign buyers who are allowed to purchase – ( read: How to Buy | 如何购买物业 ) and local buyers who are looking to purchasing a property in Australia through us.

下面的步骤,概述过程中购买的财产,通过88JADE. 这是为外国买家是谁允许购买–( 阅读:如何购买|如何购买物业 )和当地的购买者正在寻求购买的财产在澳大利亚通过我们。

  • Step 1 | 步骤1

    Firstly, all prospective buyers will need to register by creating their own account and pay the registration fee at The purchaser is required to create the account personally. A ‘new’ account registration fee of AUD$288.00 (GST inc.) is payable via PayPal.   首先,所有潜在购买者将需要注册通过创建自己的账户和支付登记费在。 买方是需要创建的帐户的个人。 一个”新的”帐户注册费澳元的288.00(消费税inc.) 支付通过贝宝。

  • Step 2 | 步骤2

    As a registered member you can now search our listed properties, select a property and download the relevant documents to assist you in making an informed decision. The documents for download will include floorplates, floorplans, Section 32 Vendor Statement and the Contract of Sale. A Section 32 Vendor Statement (‘Section 32’) is a document required by law and is usually prepared by a lawyer on behalf of the seller. The statement contains information about the property as is required by the applicable state or territory law. This is information such as the seller’s details, information on services connected to the property and zoning/planning information. It is required by law that a purchaser is provided with a Section 32 before signing a Contract of Sale.   作为一个注册成员,你现在可以搜索的我们的所列特性、选择性和下载有关文件,以协助你在作出明智的决定。 文件下载中将包括楼板,平面图,第32供应商的发言和对销售合同。 一部分32供应商的声明(‘第32’)是一个文档所必需的法律和通常通过律师代表的卖方。 声明中包含的信息有关的财产需通过适用国家或领土的法律。 这是信息,如卖方的详细信息,信息服务的酒店和区划/规划的信息。 这是需要由法律规定,购买者提供与第32之前签订的销售合同。

  • Step 3 | 步骤3

    If you are interested in a property and are considering purchasing, we strongly recommend that you download the Section 32 and Contract of Sale and provide it to your legal representative in Australia. You should request that they review the documents and provide you with a memorandum of advice about the contract. The memorandum of advice should provide a summary of the contract, including any special conditions. If you are a foreign purchaser, you should specifically request advice in relation to your eligibility to purchase property in Australia and any fees, taxes and duties that will be payable. This information will give you a clearer understanding of what is contained within the Section 32 and Contract of Sale, whether the property is suitable to you and whether you are in a position to purchase property in Australia.   如果你有兴趣在财产和正在考虑购买,我们强烈建议你下载的第32和销售合同和提供法律代表在澳大利亚。 你应该要求他们审查的文件,并提供一份备忘录的建议有关的合同。 该备忘录的建议应该提供一种摘要的合同,包括任何特殊的条件。 如果你是一个外国购买者,应具体请求的建议中有关资格购买的财产在澳大利亚和任何费用、税项和关税,将会支付。 该信息将给你一个更清楚地了解什么是包含在第32和销售合同,无论该财产是适用于你和你是否在一个位置购买的财产在澳大利亚。

  • Step 4 | 步骤4

    If you have further questions or concerns before making a commitment to purchase a property we welcome you to contact 88JADE directly via email or telephone with your queries.   如果你有进一步的问题或关切问题之前作出的承诺,以购买一个酒店,我们欢迎你联系88JADE直接通过电子邮件或电话和您的查询。  

  • Step 5 | 步骤5

    Once you are satisfied with everything you need to know about the property and would like to go ahead with a purchase, you can simply log in to your 88JADE account, select your property and proceed through the steps to complete the purchase.   一旦你满意你需要知道的一切有关财产,并希望继续进行购买,你可以简单地记录在您的88JADE账户,选择你的家庭和继续通过该步骤完成购买。

  • Step 6 | 步骤6

    After the online purchase process has been completed you will receive an email from us. This email will have the particulars on how to arrange the EFT (electronic funds transfer) for the required 10% deposit for your purchase into the 88JADE Trust Account. 88JADE is a registered and licensed estate agent and we operate our statutory trust account in the same manner as other licensed real estate agencies. 88JADE has never misused client funds.   之后,网上采购过程已经完成,你将会收到一封邮件来自美国。 这个电子邮件会有事项上如何安排电子转帐(电子资金转)所需的10%的定金,用于购买入88JADE信托帐户。 88JADE是一个注册和许可的房地产代理和我们的法定信托账户相同的方式作为其他授权的房地产机构。 88JADE从来没有被滥用客户的资金。

  • Step 7 | 步骤7

    Upon the receiving your deposit into our trust account, we will prepare and dispatch paper copies of the Contract of Sale (in triplicate) to your nominated address via courier. The documents will be marked to show where you will need to sign and/or initial. We will also send you other required documents including Client Authorisation forms and Verification of Identity Certificates which your Australian legal representative will require to act on your behalf. In the event that you pay a deposit but do not sign the contract, we will refund your deposit less an administration fee, any courier fees that have been incurred and any other associated costs or fees.   在收到你的存入我们的信托帐户,我们将准备以及派遣文件的副本的销售合同(三次)向您指定的地址,通过快递。 该文件将被标记,以显示您需要签署和/或初始。 我们也会给你所需的其他文件,包括客户的授权书的形式和验证的身份证,你的澳大利亚法律代表,将需要采取行动的代表。   在事件支付的押金,但不签署合同,我们将退还押金少管理费,任何快递的费用已经支付,任何其他相关费用或费用。

  • Step 8 | 步骤8

    Once the documents are signed in accordance with our instructions, you will place two copies into the return courier satchel and call the courier to pick them up. These documents will now go back to 88Jade.   一旦该文件的签署在按照我们的指示,你将两份进入返回快递的包,并呼吁快递来接他们。 这些文件现在将回到88Jade.

  • Step 9 | 步骤9

    Once we receive the signed documents from you we will notify you via email and then arrange to send a copy to your Australian legal representative.   一旦我们收到已签署的文件,我们将通过电子邮件通知您,然后安排发送一份给你的澳大利亚法律代表。

  • Step 10 | 步骤10

    In the case of off the plan purchases, you will be notified by the seller’s legal representative when your property is almost complete. When the property is completed and ready to settle, you will be required pay the remaining 90% balance of the purchase price to the seller’s legal representative.   在关闭的情况下,该计划购买的,你将能通知卖方的法律代理人时,你的酒店几乎完成。 当属性是完成,并已经准备好解决,则将被要求支付剩余的90%的平衡的价格购买卖方的法律代表。

  • Step 11 | 步骤11

    After settlement takes place your legal representative will arrange provision of the Certificate of Title and access to your new property.   后解决方法律代表将安排提供的证书的标题和获取新的财产。