How to Buy | 如何购买物业

Below is a check list to consider when purchasing new and off the plan property in Australia, it is important that you read and understand this information. It covers both local and foreign buyers.

下面是检查清单时要考虑采购新的和关闭计划的财产在澳大利亚,重要的是,你的阅读和理解这一信息。 它涵盖本地和外国买家。

✓ Are you legally allowed to buy a property in Australia? What does this mean?

✓你是法律上允许购买的财产在澳大利亚? 这是什么意思?

– If you aren’t sure you about your own status please refer to the Australian government website
Foreign Investment Review Board:

外国投资审查委员会: 佛

✓ Do you have the full deposit amount of 10%, of the purchase price in (AUD$) available to you?


– A deposit of 10% is required for each property purchased through 88JADE.


✓ Will you be able to settle for the remaining amount of 90% owing on your purchase unconditionally?


– When a development commences building; it can typically take between twelve to eighteen months to complete. Once completed, the titles are issued and you are required to settle the contract by paying the difference (90%) unconditionally.

–当一个发展开始建设;它通常可以采取之间的十二至十八个月内完成。 一旦完成,标题是发出你所需要解决的合同支付的差异(90%)无条件的。

✓ Considering the property you intend to buy, have you thought about the other possible buy in costs associated with it?


– Other buy in costs will include but aren’t limited to: solicitor’s legal fees, stamp duty and owner’s corporation fees.


– Ask your solicitor or legal representation for further clarification.


✓ Have you engaged the services of an Australian solicitor in the state or territory in which you intend to purchase in?


– You will require a solicitor or conveyancer to handle your affairs during the purchase and settlement of your property. You should seek a professional in ‘Victoria’ if that is where you intend to purchase and likewise for any other state or territory.

–你会需要一名律师或转让人来处理您的事务期间购买和解决你的财产。 你应该寻求一个专家在’维多利亚’如果那是您想购买的,同样对于其他任何国家或领土。

– It is always recommended that you seek legal advice before entering into any property transaction.
Purchasing a property without legal advice is not advisable under any circumstance.



The Buying Process | 购买过程


88JADE | 88玉 is an online real estate agent specialising in e-commerce selling of new and off the plan residential property in Australia.


The steps below outline the process for buying property through 88JADE. It is for both foreign buyers who are allowed to purchase – ( read: How to Buy | 如何购买物业 ) and local buyers who are looking to purchasing a property in Australia through us.

下面的步骤,概述过程中购买的财产,通过88JADE. 这是为外国买家是谁允许购买–( 阅读:如何购买|如何购买物业 )和当地的购买者正在寻求购买的财产在澳大利亚通过我们。

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