Legal Services

The legal professionals listed below are Australian based, qualified and registered in the states and territories that we sell property in. 

88JADE is currently only selling property in Victoria, Australia. As planned a roll out of other states and territories to follow for 2019 online as soon as is reasonably practicable.

We expect that each law firm listed here be of good name and highly skilled professionally yet also capable in various languages; Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Malay.

*Remember your chosen legal professional must be in the same state or territory in which you are going to purchase the property in.

In Victoria, 88JADE is a client of Jessop & Komesaroff. And, yes it is possible for them to also represent you in your purchase without any legal conflict of interest. Please always research carefully and select the most suitable legal professional for you.

To make contact in Chinese or English just click on the email link and send a message.


Jessop & Komesaroff Lawyers – 6 Ormond Road ELWOOD VIC 3184 Australia | Email Julie Sillato – [email protected]

Call (within Australia) 03 9525 6777 | Web

Call (from overseas) | China +0 61 3 9525 6777 | Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia +001 61 3 9525 6777 | Malaysia +00 61 39525 6777


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