Our Services

Ecommerce Property Buying | Direct online purchasing

Prospective buyers who register with 88jade.com have the ability to research and purchase new and off the plan property within Australia directly online. We simplify the property buying experience using technology whilst maintaining real estate industry law, practice and standards.

Ecommerce Property Selling | New and off the plan property disposals

88jade.com removes the online costs for the Australian property developer in today’s rapidly growing and costly web environment. It’s 2015 and we sought to provide the logical step forward in combining both the real estate agent and property portal as one online for new and off the plan stock only. It’s in house where we identify, navigate and optimise our online position continually to generate our own site traffic! Our goal online is always be seeking and be found by the local or foreign buyer who will transact using our ecommerce property platform.
For terms and fees, call or message us 0412 009 556 or write to [email protected]