Privacy Policy

  1. What information does the company collect?
    • In most instances and with your consent we collect personal information that includes:
      • (a) The names of you and your partner, the address of your principal place of residence, postal address, personal and business email addresses, occupation, telephone and mobile phone numbers
      • (b) Copies of documents issued to you by the Australian or foreign governments such as: Residency Status, Visa, Australian and foreign issued passports.
      • (c) The contact details of your solicitor or conveyancer
      • (d) Information regarding a proposed property purchase
      • (e) How you came about making contact with 88Jade
  2. Why does the company collect this information?
    • The personal information we collect is used to:
      • (a) Ensure the delivery and efficiency of the services provided by us to you.
      • (b) Identify services we provide but which you have not been made aware of.
      • (c) Be compliant with Australian law and acting in accordance with general real estate industry standards
  3. How does the company collect the information?
    • The collection of the personal information comes from you personally in the form of conversation, answering questions, filling out forms and email correspondence. The forms that a client will contribute to either verbally or in written form are; Contracts of Sale, Real Estate Agents Authorities and email correspondence.
  4. How does the company store the information?
    • The personal information you disclose to us is stored using a combination of paper and electronic systems. Where necessary we backup electronic files and ensure their safe and secure storage. We protect your information at all times to ensure integrity is maintained. Your information will not be misused and will not disclosed to third parties without your consent.
  5. How does the company use or disclose the information?
    • In some instances, we may require the use of your personal information and where applicable we will request your verbal or written consent. This may be done to provide you with additional information about another service.
    • We do not disclose your personal information to anyone except when you have provided consent for us to do so and it is in your interests. We may only disclose your personal information as required by law.
  6. What would be the result of me not providing my personal information?
    • If you do not provide personal information or consent to required disclosure of information it is unlikely we will be able to provide our professional services to you.
  7. How do I update or request access to my personal information?
    • If you need to update any personal information, you may do so by writing to us at:[email protected]

      or postal:

      PO BOX 123